Superintendent Message March 18, 2020

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Statewide School Closures Extended to April 28 - District Plans for Continuation of Student Learning

March 18, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

La Grande School District Admin team and essential staff have been working during this closure to develop plans to support and supplement the nutrition and education of students in our school district.

This message is to give an update of critical information as we support your child through this April 28 closure mandate.

1. La Grande School District will continue to provide free lunch to all children 0-18 at any of our three elementary schools from 11:00 - 12:30pm daily. We will not provide lunch during our traditional Spring Break period. We will continue to provide lunch once staff return from Spring Break.

2. To serve our student education needs during this closure, La Grande School District staff have been working hard to develop our comprehensive distance-learning format that will allow students and families to access learning from home supported by their classroom teacher. A detailed letter will come out soon related to logistics and implementation.

  • On March 30 and 31 staff will return to work for the planning and transition to at-home learning; Teachers will prepare digital and physical learning packets as well as online curriculum links and resources.

  • We have a website in the works as well as logistics documents created. When teachers return to work on March 30, and 31 this website will be operational and it will include all general education and adaptive education packets to meet the needs students with an individual education plan. At this time, more work is also being done to ensure we serve our most vulnerable populations to the best of our capacity. We are currently taking guidance from the state and other regional agencies on how to best implement these services.

  • This website will also have links for student and parent support, frequently asked questions, meals, as well as logistics and technical support for packets and online resources.

  • One of our highest priorities is to ensure we meet the needs of current Seniors, then Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman so that they can meet all graduation and credit requirements in this school year and future years.

    On the Horizon:

  •  Our district will be taking more action to address mental health needs for our students once staff return to work.
  • Our district in now taking action to better understand the needs of our first responders, emergency workers, health care workers so that we can serve and support with childcare services for impacted workers and education staff that shall report to work.

    I want to be clear, we have been and continue to be in constant communication with ODE and our Regional ESD as we seek to implement and clarify our understanding and actions that we are implementing to best serve our students, staff, families and our community. This has been an evolving situation and I will continue to communicate with all our stakeholders as best I can once information is disseminated from the state.

    This is an unprecedented and extraordinary time in our lives; I deeply regret that many of our students, especially our seniors have to endure this experience. This is a time of sacrifice for one another and pulling together to ensure all students, families, and our community get through this with minimal impact and great support. I am thankful to our wonderful students, staff, families, and our community.


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