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Free Meals for Children


La Grande School District wants to support your family during this COVID-19 closure. We are providing all children (0-18) free meals (breakfast and lunch) during this school closure regardless of family size.  The Federal Seamless Summer Option Program funds these meals for all kids regardless of income.  All children qualify for free meals!

These meals and the grant are funded based on participation. Increased participation helps La Grande School District to continue to offer this free service. Low participation decreases funds from the federal government and does not allow us to cover costs in providing these meals that are essential to some of our families experiencing unemployment and the other negative impacts of COVID-19.

Families can pick-up a meal at one of the many bus stop options between 11:00 – 12:30pm (See list below for locations and times). We ask that families complete the Education Needs Survey to make sure we provide an adequate number of meals for kids and families on our routes. The survey takes less than 5 minutes.

However, we do ask, that you do not go to more than one location to pick up meals. 


On Friday you may pick up meals for Saturday and Sunday

We are happy to announce that we have added meals for Saturday and Sunday, you can pick them up at the same time you pick up meals for Friday.  These meals also include breakfast and lunch per sack. So each child could leave with a total of 6 meals in 3 bags.  



Please practice social distancing at all locations, staying 6 feet from the group in front of you, please wait until they have picked up their meal(s) and have moved on before moving forward. We also ask that you do not gather at the serving locations.  Meals need to be consumed at home or at another location as a dining area will not be provided.  Some items in these meals need to be reheated.  Instructions are on the packaged food. 

Adults who would like to purchase meals can do so at the elementary sites.  The cost is $2.45 for Breakfast and $3.80 for lunch.   We do not offer purchased meals on the bus routes. 

Bus Delivery

There is a bus stop delivery option, the bus stops and drop off times are posted below and the map is at the top of this website page.  Please complete the Education Needs Survey  to add your child to the bus stop closest to your home. We need this survey to make sure we have the correct number of meals on each bus. 


Please arrive a few minutes early and if needed stay a few minutes later just to make sure you don't miss the delivery.  And of course practice social distancing, keeping 6 feet between you and others picking up meals.  Let the group in front of you get their meals and wait till they walk away before approaching the meal box. 

Greenwood Bus #1 Blue

  • 11:03 Walter's Plumbing
  • 11:17 Benton Park
  • 11:24 Riveria Kids Club
  • 11:30 Veteran's Pool
  • 11:37 Jefferson St - Between 2nd & 3rd Street
  • 11:45 Parking lot of "The Market Place" - off 4th Street
  • 11:50 1086 Cedar Street
  • 11:01 Willow School 1305 N Willow Street
  • 12:08 Greentree Apt Entrance
  • 12:13 Pinehurst Apt Entrance
  • 12:18 25th & Minum Court
  • 12:23 25th & Empire Drive
  • 12:28 East "H" Ave & 22nd Street
  • 12:33 East "N" Court & 21st Street

Central Bus #2 Green

  • 11:05 Balsa & Modelaire Drive - or Sunset & "F" Street
  • 11:10 "B" Ave & Oak Street
  • 11:16 "C" Ave & 4th Street
  • 11:25 Sunnyhills Park
  • 11:32 Airies Lane & Powerline Easement
  • 11:36 2005 Gekeler (Entrance of Grandwoods Apts)
  • 12:05 "G" Ave (Cimmaron/Kings View Apts)
  • 12:18 18th St (Entrance to Rock's Trailer Park)
  • 12:25 307 20th Street (Thunderbird Apts)

Island City Bus #3 Pink

  • 11:05 Blue Springs Crossing Apts - Walton Road (Entrance of Apt)
  • 11:15 Sundowner/Stonewood (Entrance of Sundowner by mail boxes)
  • 11:30 Sacagawea Trailer Park - Riddle Road (Inside First Loop)
  • 11:38 Starlight & Watson Street
  • 11:50 62436 Fruitdale Lane
  • 11:58 Flying K Trailer Park - Bird/Chuckar Lanes (enter at Peacock, bus will stop mid block on Bird Land and then exit on Chuckar)
  • 12:10 62213 Chuckar

Bus #4 Yellow

  • 11:05 10200 Grandview Drive
  • 11:15 10210 White Birch Lane
  • 11:20 10504 W 5th Street
  • 11:37 Starr Lane Turn Around
  • 11:47 62353 Igo Lane

Bus #5 Red - Peanut Free

  • 11:07 1806 Cedar Street
  • 11:15 2009 Walnut Street
  • 11:25 2802 N Fir Street
  • 11:35 2003 Cove Avenue
  • 11:45 10801 Walton Road
  • 11:55 10508 I Avenue, Island City


Welcome to La Grande School District Nutrition Services

Do you have questions, comments, suggestions for the Nutrition Staff?
We welcome your comments and feedback as we continue to bring healthy changes to your students' meals.  
Please email   

Contact: Char Hampton Operations Specialist if you have questions regarding your child's lunch account,  
Meal Payments/Statements, Free and Reduced Applications, Direct Certifications, Foster, SNAP, TANF status.

Summer Meals
"During the summer, lunch is available at no charge to all children and teens 1-18 years old.
To find the nearest summer meal site, text “FOOD” to 877877 or call 1-866-348-6479
(1-866-3- HUNGRY) or visit"

Dept of Human Services Summer Meal Program 



Chris Panike

Business/Food Service Manager

Phone: 541-663-3206



Char Hampton

Operations Specialist

Phone: 541-663-3214