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George Mendoza - Personnel Director

Phone: 541-663-3202

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Laurie Batten - Personnel Administrative Assistant

Phone: 541-663-3212

FAX: 541-663-3215

Interested in a Part-Time Job?  Love working with School-Aged Kids?

Being a Paraeducator MAY BE FOR YOU!

What is a Paraeducator?  A Paraeducator is a teacher’s assistant. Under the supervision of a licensed teacher, Paraeducators work with students on instructional activities in and out of the classroom. They also provide supervision at recess, meal times and before or after school.

How many hours per day does a part-time Paraeducator work? What is the pay? Part-time Paraeducators generally work either morning or afternoon shifts, on every day that students attend. Shifts are generally 3 ½ hours per day.

What if I am not available every school day? The District also employs substitute, on-call paraeducators which is a good fit for people with limited availability.