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Joe Justice board vice chair.JPG

Joe Justice (Joe Justice)Board Chair

Place of work: Regional Manager- Hancock Forest Management

School(s) children attend: LMS and LHS

Years in La Grande: 18

Why I ran for the school board : To help the district address the many challenges it will face in the near future. With challenges come opportunities. I want to help the district find those opportunities.

Position 3


Robin Maille board member.JPG

Robin Maille (Robin Maille:) Board Vice Board

Place of workOregon State University Extension Service, La Grande,OR

School(s) Children attend: One son graduated from LHS in 2012 and EOU in 2018. The other graduated from LHS in 2018 and is studying at EOU.

Years in La Grande: 10

Why I ran for the school board: To better understand how schools work and understand where change can be made to improve teaching and or policies so that all students see their potential and are encouraged to learn and grow through their school experiences in and outside of the classroom.

Position 6  6/30/2019
Danelle Wilson board member.JPG

Danelle Wilson (Danelle Wilson): Board Member

Place of work: Owner/operator of D'Nails Hair &Tanning Salon

School(s) Children attend: Island City Elementary and LMS

Years in La Grande: 45

Why I ran for the school board: To help better the education in La Grande.

Position 1


Michele Perry board member.JPG

Michelle Perry (Michelle Perry): Board Member

Place of work:  

School(s) children attend: LMS & LHS, Utah State University, Air Force Academy

Years in La Grande: Raised in La Grande and graduated from LHS

Why I ran for the school boardI have a passion for learning, children and the success of our school district.  I support a wide variety of school clubs, activities and sports.  I also have a strong appreciation for and love to support our educators, staff and children.  I hope to support my belief in the mission of the La Grande School Board that "every student can learn and deserves safe, motivating and challenging school environment" through my role on the School Board

Position 2


Randy Shaw board member.JPG

Randy Shaw (Randy Shaw:) Board Member

Place of Work: Shaw's Auto Body

Schools/Children attended: LMS & LHS

Years in La Grande: 49

Why I ran for the school board: I wanted to have input into our school system and help shape where it is going.  We are on a huge wave right now after the bond passed.  There are going to be a lot of decisions to make and I wanted to be involved in that.

Position 4


Chris Woodworth board member.JPG

Chris Woodworth (Chris Woodworth): Board Member

Place of work:  General Surgeon, Grande Ronde Hospital    

School(s) children attend: Heidi Ho, LHS, Home School and Corban University

Years in La Grande: 8

Why I ran for the school board:  I believe that a strong, well run public school system is a good reflection on our community.  All school facilities are public facilities and are something that the community of La Grande should be proud of.  A well educated populace provides our future generations to give back and contribute economically.  I ran for the school board because I desired to continue to help La Grande public schools to be financially responsible and offer the best possible educational offerings to all the students of the district.

Position 5


Merle Comfort board chair.JPG

Merle Comfort (Merle Comfort): Board Member

Place of work: Certified Dental Technician, Comfort Dental Lab 

School(s) children attend: Daughter graduated from LHS in 2013. Graduated from Walla Walla Community College in 2015 with an Associate of Arts Degree. Graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Kinesiology. Currently working toward becoming a physical therapist. 

Years in La Grande: 39 years

Why I ran for the school board:   When I first ran in 1991, I ran because I wanted the students of La Grande to have the same opportunities for an education that I did. Along the way I have had different priorities but have never strayed far from the first reason I ran. 

Position 7 6/30/2019