Facility Use

To book our facilities please contact:
Char Hampton
Operations Specialist

Use of school facilities by community groups for worthwhile purposes is encouraged and permitted under the following guidelines.

The La Grande School District primary goal is to have each team/group get 2 practices; 3  practices is ideal; 4 practices is the exception. We might need to scale back if other groups ask for gym time. You can give us your ideal location but you may have to settle for 2nd choice gym, 3rd choice gym, etc. depending on available times. Getting you 2-3 practices at a preferred location is our primary goal. Weekends can be booked, if you have a LGSD Staff member to open and close gyms. Security of the facilities is important.  School staff member must be willing to open and close the gym/auditorium/commons for you and to be responsible for the building during this time.  Or you need to pay for a Custodian to be on hand to open and close.  

Groups need to help us organize consistent dates, times, locations for your teams and if you make changes it may be difficult to honor the changes.
School District events, sports and after-school programs, trump all other events.

Funds are used to pay for After School Sports Activities and to free up General Fund money for General Maintenance.

*Absolutely NO Food or Drink in the LHS Auditorium*